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Bright North Accounting is a boutique accounting and financial firm providing CFO services to small and medium companies.  Executing financial solutions to loyal clients across the United States since 2015. Our first priority is always the interests of our clients; providing capability, adaptability, and scalability. We take care of the finances and our clients focus on the business

We Understand the Need

You will have a financial partner that understands the business and your future goals. We work right alongside of you to ensure that the financial picture of the company matches where you are operationally and beyond.

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Operating a business can be challenging; We are here to lighten the load.

Full Service 360

Accounting • Controller • CFO

Services that give businesses the competitive advantage to grow and scale. Maintaining and increasing profits, as well as maximizing assets/resources.

Core Values

Integrity to always do what is right at all costs. 

Creating Legacy to build something bigger than ourselves and our clients 

Helping Others teaching others the way based on our knowledge, experience and network.

Our Services

Allow us to name just a few of the services we provide.



Financial Scenario's

Manage and Improve Cash Flow

Ensure Timely and Accurate Reporting

Create and Manage Financial Policies and Procedures

Consult on Company's Financial Long-term Viability of Growth

Bookkeeping / Accounting / Controller Functions

We Offer the Following Financial Solutions for Companies:

With limited executive/management staff

We fill the role as Controller or CFO, placing a financial picture to company plans.

With no financial picture

We provide professional financial assistance in order for sound decisions to be made. Keep track of finances as well as educate through providing and explaining financial reports.

With limited understanding of their finances

We provide increased understanding of finances and how they can be used to make better business 

Who have operational growth but lack accounting management

We provide a financial plan that enables them to maintain and plan for more growth. Assist with developing financial plans that match the growth they are experiencing as well as enables for future growth through financial forecasting.

Who have limited assistance in the monitoring of internal controls, cash flow, cost and risks

We ensure that internal controls are in place to monitor operations, understand peaks and valleys of cash flow and track cost to determine ways to reduce.